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Kit Marlowe and P. Quince, theater director and playwright respectively, have an idea to put on a new play, but needs your help! The world is at war, and live theater is dying. The plan is simple: put on a production of Romeo & Juliet, a new play that could cause peace among two of the most affluent families in the war. Establish relationships, platonic or otherwise (but always awkward), as you navigate the ridiculous world of live theater.

Does include drug references, sexual humor, references to self-harm, and swearing.


  • Two Playstyles, Both Alike in Dignity: First, interact with your fellow peers outside of rehearsal for Romeo & Juliet. Then, during the rehearsal phase, make decisions that best direct the course of the play.
  • Interact with six main characters and many minor ones
  • Part visual novel, part comedy, part drama, part dating sim (but we already covered "part comedy", right?) , all dinosaur!
  • Create bonds with the six main characters that will shape how the play goes
  • Will your choices lead to happiness, hate, or romance?


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Hello! I cant buy your game through paypal. Would you please fix asap? I would love to purchase this game... Thank you in advance!

Can you be more specific about what is happening?

So I log into my paypal and try to pay for your game. I have tried for bank transfer, my debit card and my credit card. However, the paypal says there is something wrong with the itch.io side of things and refunds my purchase. 

I have changed payment methods and tested it. It works now.

Yay! Thank you very much