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We've all had that terrifying nightmare where we're on stage and we have to perform Hamlet, right? Only we don't know the words? Plus, we're naked?

Okay, so 'naked' in this sense means 'template/placeholder art'. But you get the picture. 

There's no actual nudity in this game. JUST SO YOU KNOW.

The game is set up in two phases:

PHASE 1: Quick talk scenes where you also pick your Tones for the upcoming scene from Hamlet, as well as Love Skills, for the potential final hanky panky scene.

Pick the correct Tone to pair with a response line to an actor's question/statement/previous line, and you get Horny Points with various characters. These dictate who has romantic interest in you.

Love Skills correspond to the things you can get up to in hanky panky scenes. This is the first game where we really had a "writer's room", and that was primarily because I, a cishet dude, didn't want to be writing smut in areas where I didn't belong.

Game has MxM, FxF, MxF, FxM paths.

PHASE 2: The 20 levels/scenes of the play will not always see you as Hamlet. Sometimes you will be a stand-in. Hey, we said you needed to know all of Hamlet, right?

This is our first(?) foray into this type of a game, and we hope that people enjoy it!


Buy Now$6.90 USD or more

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